The Speakers

Who are we?


We are a tribe of inspired speakers and writers.

We have messages we wish to share.


Cheryl-Dean Thompson

Renaissance woman “Find your niche.” My niche is no niches and all niches. I have… worked in many areas: education, health, corporate business, non-profits, service, technology/IT; …been immersed in multitudes of subjects: science, psychology, community, spirituality and religion, anthropology, design, mathematics, research, sports, art, music - and the varied aspects of each - and combining them for interesting combination;… engaged in a variety of roles: mother, daughter of 8 parents, wife, friend, Rotarian, Toastmaster, dean, leader, owner, mentor, speaker, dancer, musician, author, collaborator +++. There are no limits. May we all dance in the richness of life and the multitude of opportunities.

Dave Weale

David’s journey has taken him through being a professional athlete, athletic coach, personal trainer, life coach, entrepreneur, speaker, writer and has now brought him to his current calling bringing much of the above together as a Soul Healer. He has a passion for helping people live life to the fullest and let their light shine in the world. His purpose in life is Creating Freedom and Love for All.

Dustin Hogan

Otherwise known as “The Disciplined Dreamer,” Dustin is an inspirational speaker and self-development mentor. He speaks on the power of working hard at work worth doing and is passionate about self-development in all areas of life. Dustin feeds off his connection with other people and he believes that in order to transform the world we must first start with ourselves.

Himanshu Narang

Himanshu is a business consultant, social entrepreneur and a speaker. He says, the core purpose of his life is to help people and companies produce legendary results in what they do. An MBA from the University of British Columbia, Himanshu is the founder of RocketFuel Consulting Inc., Canada and GoGreen Chandigarh, India. As a speaker, Himanshu delivers business focussed trainings and keynotes on topics of operational value creation, self-leadership and effective speaking.

Karen Sickles

As a young child creating a time-traveling spaceship or a woodland den out of a giant cardboard refrigerator box, Karen has always been a storyteller.  That passion was almost obliterated through a series of setbacks. However, thanks to a steady diet of fantastical tales from storytellers like Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas and Jim Henson the seed within her was continually fed until she could step from the shadows into the light to realize her true calling. Karen’s sole purpose is to share stories in the hopes of guiding others through the wilderness of doubt and fear to realize their full potential.

Mark Rowlands

With his curious mind and extensive adventures in matters concerning change, both professionally and personally, Mark abounds with atypical life experiences. Despite the challenges of life, some of which have been gut-wrenching, Mark has somehow maintained an optimistic, hopeful view-point on the human condition.  Mark has an engineering degree focusing on issues of the environment as he does now as Assistant Director, Solid Waste in the Cayman Islands.  He feels fortunate in having such a life rich in new experiences, cultures and friendships.  He dreams of a world that will continue to provide a healthy environment for future generations, allowing them to achieve their own dreams.

Maxime Charron

Known to love every aspect of life, Maxime’s challenge is not to find a what he loves but to distribute his time towards what he loves the most. Always having something on his plate, Max is known to be working on multiple projects at the same time from running his own business, to creating social good, to the next outdoor adventure as well as spending time with his family. Dedicated to changing the business world as we know it, Maxime is driven by breaking the status quo. Evolution is a constant natural phenomenon so should everything else be.

Steve Matthews

Steve calls himself a White, Black man. Growing up in Africa was a privilege few people get to experience. Lions & Elephants were never too far away, and people smiled often, despite incredible hardship. Zimbabwe was tough, but it taught Steve resilience. He learned how to make the most of very little, and believes that every person can do the same. Today, Steve is a career coach, team builder, and motivational speaker. Steve is improving the world and you can too.