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Each author has a unique and insightful chapter on personal growth.  Explore the areas that you want to expand in your world.

Chapter 1: Dustin - Authenticity

Authenticity is a process of self-discovery.  A process that isn’t static, it’s very dynamic.  There is no “end goal” when it comes to authenticity. To live with authenticity means you are on a limitless and courageous journey of sincere self-discovery, living with transparency and openness in all areas of your life. In my chapter, I share stories of my own journey towards living an authentic life and some very practical ideas to you help cultivate authenticity in your life.

Chapter 2: Himanshu - YOUdership

YOUdership refers to the process of strategic self-leadership and life-management which enables us to build a life of meaning, fulfillment and impact. In this chapter, I share how learning and effectively using YOUdership helped me completely transform the results I was generating. I will lay out the 5 step YOUdership process to not only help crystallize the understanding of the mechanism, but also enable the reader build their own YOUdership plan by the end of the chapter.

Chapter 3: Maxime - Re-evolution

Evolvement is a natural process in life. Everything from a flower to human life going through and cannot escape it no matter how scary it might be. However, knowing to manage the evolution of our lives is critical to our happiness and daily behaviours directly affecting your life and your surroundings. By managing the life process it becomes much easier to turn negativity into positivity and opportunity.

Chapter 4: Cheryl-Dean - The Butterfly Process

We all go through numerous transitions in our lives, yet we often go through them blindly and get bumped and bruised along the way.  Exploring transitions and the transformations that often happen as we take these inward and outward journeys has always fascinated me and I love to share insights on making the process one that is worthwhile for us all.  Life loves life.

Chapter 5: Mark - Deprogramming

Unprecedented change is upon us and yet our species, known for its ability to adapt like no other, finds itself struggling constantly against change.  We hear it on the street, in the office, from our kids, in the media, and through our lovers. Why are so many of us resisting the natural process of adaptation? What if we embrace change in whatever form it occupies?  What is the basis for this resistance and how can we overcome it more simply? Based on his own experiences and his interpretations of the latest in science, Mark will explore aspects of both genetics and social conditioning - from his very unique perspective - to come up with methods, and a procedure, to help deprogram our mind and body allowing us to change more gracefully and happily.

Chapter 6: Karen - Belonging

Having spent a good portion of my life trying to “fit in”, I came to the realization… that is not living.  It’s taken quite some time wandering through the wilderness and far too much time with the wrong tribes but, I am happy to say there is freedom in expressing your true self and there are tribes you can find where you belong, not just “fit in”. In sharing my story of coming out the other side of the self-discovery wilderness and feeling I didn't know where I belonged, I hope to raise the torch for others.  While it takes effort and an open mind, my desire is to show others that there are places you can belong, there is a tribe for everyone.

Chapter 7: David - Trust

Exploring, adventuring, playing, cheating death, healing, experimenting, supporting, coaching, loving. David is extremely grateful to have spent the majority of his adult life in these pursuits. Throughout all of this, one main theme has shone through. Everything is working out Perfectly. This simple mantra has helped him strengthen his trust in God and the Universe and in his chapter on Trust he will be taking you along on one of his biggest adventures and sharing the lessons he learned along the way!

Chapter 8: Steve - Hope-ee-ness

As an African, my first impression of the “West” was that of hopelessness which surprised me because people have everything here. Great education, technology and opportunities galore. Yet, many people just seem to be “existing”.  Things are different here. Technology is taking over. University degrees are only good for serving coffee. Unemployment is on the rise. No wonder people seem hopeless. The good news? There is a way out! Hope-ee-ness will put you on the path to success. If millions of African’s can do it, then you can too.